After four years of writing about cocktail recipes at my blog and 142 posts in the cocktail category, I realized that with the latest redesign it made sense to create a new section of the site devoted entirely to cocktails. Writing at my blog has been a fun way to document drink creation, but it’s an unwieldy way to organize recipes. My preferences for how to make certain drinks have changed over time and some of my earlier recipes I wouldn’t necessarily suggest making at all. So I’m going to keep updating my blog with new content, including discussion of cocktails, but it will be complemented by this separate archive that includes the canonical (to me, anyway) version of the drinks.

Posts in this new section of the site are designed to be accessible as recipes first and foremost. Most of the prose that accompanied my original blog posts has been cut, putting the focus on ingredients and instruction. There’s also a new category structure that makes it easy to search the site by ingredient, which is accessed in the dropdown menu to the right. My goal is to make this as user-friendly as possible for people seeking drinks to make at home or in their bars. Posts in this section have their own RSS feed as well.

I’ve seeded this new section of the site with fifty cocktail recipes. I’ll be adding more drinks over time, including ones from my own menus, classics, and perhaps some contributions from friends in the industry. I hope you’ll recreate the cocktails and enjoy them. And if you find this to be a useful resource, please spread the word.


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