2 oz bourbon (Big Bottom)
3/4 oz fino sherry
1/2 oz Cynar
1/4 oz Chartreuse (green)
1 dash orange bitters
1 dash mole bitters

Stir with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

I came up with this cocktail while consulting for Big Botton Bourbon, a bottler and distiller based near Portland, Oregon. It was featured on the Metrovino menu.


3 thoughts on “Decatur”

  1. Heyo Jacob,
    Thanks for sharing all these recipes. Have made a few of your concoctions the past week (ones without Bols ingredients, which is not represented in my home bar). This ‘Decatur’ is very nicely done. It’s hard for me to find ways to use green Chartreuse with a balanced result. You really hit on something here. Love how the sherry nullifies any syrupiness while the Cynar takes everything down an octave.
    I also enjoyed your ‘Adonis’ and ‘Van Houten’ (used equal parts Old Tom and Dry Fly gins to approximate genever). Mere days later, I coincidentally ended up watching a movie (‘Black Book’) starring a certain Carice van Houten.
    Keep up the good work, even if the ingredients are impossible to find.

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