Summer cell phone

I’m entering the 21st century now, but only for a month: I’ve started carrying a cell phone this summer, number 832-326-6593. That will last till sometime in mid-July, when the family and I become temporary Yoopers (Upper Peninsula of Michigan –> U. P. –> Yoopers = the bacon-eating inhabitants of the U. P.) and will probably not be able to get service. I’ll then get a permanent number in August and post it here.


Vanderbilt Alumni Website

I got an e-mail today from Jon Weindruch, who graduated from Vandy in ’98 and is now in the MBA program at Owen. He has started a new website for Vanderbilt alumni at It’s open to all alumni and, says Jon, “the goal is to help facilitate strong relationships among Vanderbilt alumni and assist alumni in their professional endeavors.”

The site is not affiliated with the university, which could have its benefits. If you’re interested, visit the site here.


The Slant’s first summer issue

If there’s one slogan we on The Slant staff repeat, mantra-like, every day, it’s, “bigger isn’t always better.” With that in mind, we bring you the first of several smaller, Web-only summer issues. (I say “we,” but I didn’t actually write for this one.) You can read it here.


The first post – jumping on the bandwagon

After nearly a year spent using and updating a site built with MS FrontPage, I’ve leapt onto the bandwagon and converted my website to blog (short for weblog) format. Besides looking a lot better (see “My Other Pages” linked at the left), the Movable Type software adds many new features to the site: it’s easier to update, I can do it from any computer hooked up to the Internet, and it automatically archives everything posted.

More importantly, the new site is interactive, so feel free to add comments to anything posted. Now if I write something stupid, you can point that out in public instead of just sending me an e-mail!

I’ll continue to post links to articles and humor as I did on the old site, along with news, interesting finds on the Web, and mini-reviews of various things. With the greater ease of use and interactivity I’ll probably be updating it more frequently than I did in the past, too. Check back every once in a while, and I’ll do my best not to make it a complete waste of time.

Let me know what you think. Also, if you’ve got a homepage not linked on the left it’s not because I don’t like you, but because I don’t know about it. We can fix that with an e-mail.

Enjoy the site!