Jacob Grier -- Magician
Photo by Michael Ingram.

I’ve been performing magic since receiving my first magic set as a young boy. A little more than twenty years later, I specialize in sleight of hand performed up close, appearing regularly at outdoor festivals such as First Thursday, Last Thursday, and the Hawthorne Street Fair in Portland, Oregon. In 2016 I also debuted the Oregon Magicians’ Guild, a roving assembly of local magicians performing at venues around the city. I am available to entertain at private parties and special events. For booking inquiries, please send an email to feedback – at –

Jacob Grier - Magician
Photo by Michael Ingram.


2 thoughts on “Magic”

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    I’m hoping that board lawyer will conclude that doing nothing is a better position than any other, and to make that happen, I must present a lot of data. (In DC more pages, means a better and higher conclusion…

  2. Hi Jacob – we met through Jess Bernert at that grain corp photo shoot. Remember, you and my husband, Josh, are best friends? 🙂

    A good friend of ours is having a bday party on the 8th and is looking for a roving magician for about an hour. Let me know if you have availability and what your rates are. Thanks!

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