Upcoming events at Spints

One of my favorite new bars in Portland, Spints Alehouse, has a couple fun events coming up. First is the St. Patrick’s Day celebration, during which chef Alyssa Gregg is offering a different sausage pairing for every beer on tap. That’s 13 sausages, people! There’s no prize for getting through all the pairings but it will be fun to try.

After that, I’m getting back behind the stick for a week-long run as guest bartender. In addition to Spints’ own craft cocktail menu I’ll be serving up a few drinks of my own. The plan as of now is for me to be there Friday-Sunday this week and Thursday-Saturday next week, working 4-9ish each day. I’d love to see some familiar faces there and if you haven’t been to Spints yet I highly recommend it: Great German-inspired food, a really good beer list, and a very cool atmosphere. For more information on the beer and photos of the winter dishes, check PDXplate.