Weissbanger on TV, brunch at Metrovino


Tuesday was Tax Day and our local FOX affiliate KPTV invited me into the studio to make viewers a Tax Day cocktail. Since taxes make me want to bang my head against the wall, this seemed the perfect time to present the Harvey Weissbanger. I don’t have tiny hands, Galliano bottles are just really big. (It’s a good thing there weren’t any wardrobe malfunctions…) Watch the clip here; autoplay warning!

Among other changes, Metrovino is now open for brunch on Sundays from 10 am to 2 pm. This has given me the opportunity to put my barista skills back into practice. I’m not quite where I used to be, but the latte art is coming along nicely.

I didn’t expect to get excited about brunch or brunch cocktails, but making a morning drink menu turned out to be surprisingly fun. Our most unusual cocktail is an East Indies Bloody Mary, made with Batavia Arrack, fish sauce, and a blend of Indonesian spices, then garnished with house pickles and a whole prawn. It sounds crazy but it’s selling just as much as our classic vodka Bloody Mary. Here’s our full brunch cocktail menu:

classic bloody mary 8

east indies bloody mary 11
batavia arrack, tomato juice, indonesian spices, prawn

quick little pick me up 7
espresso-infused ramazzotti, lemon twist, rocks

harvey weissbanger 9
boulevard wheat beer, galliano, orange juice

sherry cobbler 7
manzanilla sherry, orange, sugar, nutmeg

sparkling wine cocktails 8


Metrovino’s new cocktail menu

Averna Stout Flip — averna, young’s double chocolate stout, whole egg, angostura bitters, nutmeg, up

Chios 75 — small’s gin, mastic liqueur, lemon, sparkling wine, flute

Cleared for Departure — aviaton gin, clarified lime, maraschino liqueur, crème de violette, up

Crystal Caipirinha — novo fogo cachaça, clarified lime, sugar, up

Dirty Grandma Agnes — ransom old tom gin, dolin dry vermouth, grandma agnes’ pickling juice, up

Ethan Allen — bourbon, apple cider gastrique, smoked apple purée, angostura bitters, rocks

Lazy Bear — smith & cross rum, rye, honey, lime, spiced bitters, rocks

Mexican Train — ilegal mezcal reposado, dolin rouge vermouth, chartreuse, mole bitters, up

Seigle Sour — rye, spiced plantain syrup, lemon, egg white, cherribiscus bitters, up

Thyme in a Bottle — gin, farigoule thyme liqueur, lemon, maraschino, up

Walking Spanish — bols genever, amontillado sherry, cardamaro, st. germain, up


Entertaining with cocktails in the O

I have an article in the Oregonian today and amazingly it’s not about smoking bans. It’s about how to entertain guests at home without spending the entire night behind the bar. Of the three drinks included, only one is a individually mixed cocktail. The other two are a liqueur-spiked hot chocolate and a punch excerpted from David Wondrich’s forthcoming book, Punch: The Delights (and Dangers) of the Flowing Bowl.

I can’t recommend Wondrich’s book highly enough. He’s done a tremendous amount of work tracking down punch recipes, obtaining obscure ingredients, and translating incomplete instructions into methods readers can reproduce at home. This is a fascinating part of drinking history that’s been largely forgotten, and Wondrich’s research into the culture surrounding punch is of even greater interest than the drinks themselves. The book is a game changer. If you want to serve punches at home, be sure to pick it up a copy. It comes out November 2.

I should also mention that I’m joining the amazing staff at Metrovino. This is one of my favorite restaurants in Portland, with fantastic food and an amazing wine list. Their cocktails and spirit selection have also been very good, but up until now they haven’t had a full-time bar manager. I’m happy to say that my friend Kyle Webster, formerly of Noble Rot, has come on board to take over that role and put even more focus on spirits and cocktails. I’m coming in to join him once or week or so. Kyle’s first menu is already live, so stop in soon to check it out.