Dashed hopes


“$5.2 million expansion moves ahead at Bell’s Brewery in Comstock Township,” says the headline. Click! The useless details:

The brewery plans to add 15,000 square feet of office space onto its 60,000-square-foot production operation at 8938 Krum Ave.

Office space? That doesn’t help me. We need brewing capacity. I don’t care about your small cubicles, Bell’s, I just want to drink your beer!

Above: The beer garden at Bell’s Eccentric Cafe in Kalamazoo, MI, where you can get all the brewery’s excellent beers, enjoy a burger, sit outside and maybe enjoy some live music in the great Michigan summer weather. Worth a detour if you’re in the area.


Sweating the hops shortage

Sighted at Bell's

Hops in deodorant? They’re an essential ingredient in Tom’s of Maine’s products:

Unpleasant odor is caused by skin bacteria when we sweat. The “bitter principles” that help hops to preserve beer also, it turns out, fight odor. Hops inhibits the growth of bacteria by causing leakage in the bacterial cell membrane, which impairs bacterial function and therefore prevents odor.

I wonder if they’ve been hit by the hops shortage too, and how beer could be made instead with all the hops people are rubbing into their armpits.

[Via Rob Kasper. Photo from the hops case at the Bell’s Brewery General Store and Eccentric Cafe, which you should definitely visit if you’re ever in Kalamazoo.]