Seven cocktails for the holidays

Menta e Cioccolato

One of the nice things about the new cocktail archive is that it makes it easy to round up recipes. Here are seven drinks for your holiday imbibing:

Amsterdam Hot Chocolate — A commenter on this site recommended serving genever with hot chocolate after enjoying it on a winter day in Amsterdam. Here it’s complemented with Grand Marnier and Chartreuse.

Hot Buttered Chartreuse — Speaking of Chartreuse, put your rum aside and use your spiced hot butter batter for this.

Hot Caipi — In Germany they like Caipirinhas so much that they serve them hot in the winter. Here’s how to do it.

Averna Stout Flip — Flips and dark stouts are perfect this time of year. Here’s a drink that combines the two.

PX Flip — This flip balances the rich sweetness of PX sherry with a half ounce of Angostura bitters.

Menta e Cioccolato — Another great addition to hot chocolate is Branca Menta, the minty cousin to Fernet-Branca.

Aquavit Hot Toddy — Barrel aged aquavit and the spice notes in Swedish punsch make this a very interesting hot drink. You might have to do some shopping for this one, but it’s worth it.


Portland Stinger in the Oregonian

My love for Fernet-Branca is no secret to readers of this blog, but in cold winter months like this I often find myself turning to its lesser known minty cousin, Branca Menta. The bitter mint liqueur is a great cocktail ingredient for this time of year. Today’s Oregonian features some holiday cocktail recipes from around town and writer Grant Butler kindly included the Portland Stinger at Carlyle:

1 oz Branca Menta
.75 oz lemon
.5 oz bourbon
.5 oz brandy
.25 oz grenadine

Shake over ice, strain into a chilled cocktail glass, and serve with a brandied cherry.

The recipe is slightly changed from the one Neil Kopplin and I came up with a few months ago and that I offered at Carlyle’s Fernet night. It’s served up instead of on the rocks and places a little more emphasis on the bitter notes in the drink.

For one more Branca Menta drink, see the Menta e Cioccolato. I plan to have that on the menu as soon as I can source the right chocolate.