It’s not you, it’s your books

What I take away from this is: Reading books about things like gay marriage, comic book criticism, and how to do card tricks might have something to do with why I’m not meeting women on the Metro or at the coffee shop lately.

GOOD on speakeasies

Nostalgic for the appeal of the speakeasy, or just not interested in being bothered by city health regulations, a few enterprising cooks are entering the speakeasy business. From GOOD:

Given that speakeasies violate numerous health codes and zoning laws, it’s not surprising that the people who run them are leery of letting in just anybody. (The Chowhound website won’t even allow discussions of secret restaurants on its message boards, for fear of getting them shut down.) Mark is more likely to offer a seat to the person who emails about fears of a life doomed to eating boxed macaroni and cheese than to someone who simply requests a reservation for two; the online application for Studiofeast, another Brooklyn-based speakeasy, asks applicants to describe their ideal last meal. Through word of mouth and aggressive filtration of potential diners, these hidden kitchens strive to create the perfect dinner party.

This libertarian foodie likes it! Read the whole thing here.

[Via Slashfood.]


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Links for 3/31/08 AM

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Magician or a bouncy

For the past few years I’ve had a love/hate relationship with magic. At its best, the art is a vehicle for self-expression, masterful skill, humor, beauty, and wonder. Yet at the level it’s usually practiced, performance barely rises above the level of adolescent talent show. (See Adam Gopnik’s excellent article in the March 17 New Yorker for a discussion of this.)

As a reminder of exactly where magic stands in the public perception, it’s useful to keep an eye on the Craigslist ads. This one, for example:

Magician or a bouncy for kids to jump in

I am having a birthday party for 2 of my kids on April 5th and I am looking for a Magician that will not charge alot but will do a great job and make my kids happy. or I am looking for someone that has a bouncer/bouncy, you know those big things that you blow up for the kids to jump in. I would like to borrow for a small charge just for a few hours/ half a day. Please let me know if anyone can help me, it would greatly appreciated.
Thank you so much

Got it? Magicians are 1) for kids, 2) not worth paying much for, and 3) roughly equivalent to a big, blow up bouncy.

Oh well, at least the bartender’s craft is treated with respect.

Links for 3/28/08 AM

There’s nothing funny about wombat rape. No, truthfully, it’s hilarious.

$1/watt solar by 2012?

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Two takes on “Toxic”

Speaking of losing indie cred, here’s two very different versions of a Britney Spears song. Nickel Creek rocks it out:

Yael Naim takes it slow:

Links for 1/27/08 PM

Think tank citations mysteriously declined in 2007. Good to know I’m not just bad at my job

Admirable acquittal in TX marijuana case

Charming profile of Stumptown’s Duane Sorenson

You weren’t meant to have a boss

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New busking restrictions in Covent Garden

Moment of the day

Sitting at Murky Coffee. The music is momentarily off and everyone is quietly working on laptops or reading books. The silence is finally broken by a ringing cell phone, buried deep in a woman’s purse. She struggles to silence it as everyone in the room smirks awkwardly to each other as the ring tone chirps out “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid.

The barista just put on some old Belle and Sebastian, restoring the cafe’s indie cred.

Free Dr Pepper for everyone

My friend Mike notes that Dr Pepper will offer a free soda to every person in America this year — but only if Guns n Roses releases their fifteen-year-old, $13 million boondoggle album Chinese Democracy. I couldn’t care less about the album, but free Dr Pepper is good, especially if it’s from Dublin.

Oddly enough, the idea of enticing Axl Rose with Dr Pepper was sort of floated on this blog way back in 2003. If you weren’t reading the blog back then, the entry won’t make any sense. Actually, it won’t make any sense even if you were reading. This site had strange beginnings.

Tipping in the Journal Star

I’m interviewed today in the Lincoln Journal Star about tipping norms in coffee shops.

The point of tipping
Tipping revisited

Links for 3/27/08 AM

How much housing value lost?

NYC gets a new Joe!

Philly gets a sweet new shop, too

Indie shops stung by Clover buyout

Anti-ban heroes

More on the Berkeley ban

Mark DeRosa makes me not feel so bad about my own job

Wash ‘n flush

“Berkeley approves smoking ban”

And dog bites man! Not an earth-shaking headline, I know. But worth noting:

Every afternoon, Barbara Roberson walks out of the Berkeley Ace Hardware store and takes her cigarette break, but a smoking ban on all commercially zoned sidewalks in Berkeley, would make this illegal… Smoking is already banned in Berkeley’s public parks, within 25 feet of public buildings, and 50 feet from health facilities and senior centers.

Professor Katharine Hammond explains the economics:

“In general, probably on a busy street the auto exhaust would be higher,” said UC Berkeley environmental and health sciences professor Katharine Hammond.

Hammond, says there’s an obvious cost to the notion of banning gas-fueled cars. A smoking ban has no cost, only benefits.

Right. No costs. Because smokers aren’t people, and therefore their interests don’t count.

Links for 3/26/08 AM

BTW, entitlements are still a problem

Freer market for airfares

Giant squid sex is weirder than you ever imagined, assuming you’d ever actually imagined such a thing

Rick Astley speaks

Must. Move. To. Oregon.

Cato Institute down $0.36!

Note to newsbots: The Cato Institute receives just a small share of its funding from corporations. Nor is it a corporation itself, especially a corporation that sells down-market women’s fashion. You can’t buy stock in it. But if you could, you would, now that former Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis president William Poole has announced he’s joining the staff.

Links for 3/25/08 AM

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Ladies, I’m available

The Cordarounds blog is most excellent

Terrible Craigslist prank

Celebrity flatmate

My old flatmate Alex Kingsbury recently returned from his second stint of war reporting from Iraq. His first trip led to an affecting cover story for U.S. News, his second an appearance on “The Daily Show.” Congrats to Alex!