The fast and the… ?

I’m in Chicago, catching up from a long drive down from the UP yesterday that included stops at Grand Traverse Distillery and the Bell’s Brewery Eccentric Cafe, so no morning links yet. As I move further west the “morning” part of those links is going to become less and less relevant to this blog’s primarily East Coast readership, so I’ll probably be dropping the AM part of the headline anyway.

I need to get out of Chicago before this happens:

Fast and the Furriest


Jacob sightings in Berlin

I claim to be in DC right now, but my friend David thinks he keeps spotting me in Berlin. He even has photographic evidence.

First, an espresso vending machine bearing my name…

Jacob\'s coffee machine

… that dispensed this stuff:

Sweet machine crema

There are a few clues that this machine isn’t really me:

1. I’m not electric.

2. Plastic cup!

3. Where’s the crema?

Perhaps it’s the picture of the guy using coffee to attract a beautiful woman that made David think this machine was me. That is a favorite ploy of mine. But in this case the guy appears to be succeeding, so it’s obviously some other Jacob.

Jacob Kaffe

Jacob’s Kaffee? Wrong Jacob again.

Jacob is not a furry

And what’s this? A man dressed in a bear suit? Damn it David, I’ve told you a million times that’s just a nasty rumor!