Here we go again

Gene Healy points out that D.C. City Councilman Jim Graham has a poll up on the sidebar his website about the proposed smoking ban in restaurants and bars. Right now the nanny staters are winning 70% to 30%. For what little it’s worth, click on over and vote against this governmental intrusion into people’s lives.

Though an online poll is by no means scientific, it’s also worth noting how misleading the question is. The site asks, “Should the DC Council act to eliminate smoking in indoor workplaces?” When I think of “workplaces,” I think of office buildings and cubicles, not the restaurants and bars I visit for enjoyment. I understand that the smoking ban would ostensibly be on behalf of the waiters, waitresses, and bartenders who do work in such places, but that’s a rather deceptive way of asking the question.

Note: I don’t smoke. I don’t enjoy being around people who are smoking. I also don’t believe that I should be able to impose this preference on everyone around me. Furthermore, if I cared that strongly about it I could patronize the nearly 200 non-fast food restaurants and bars in D.C. that have gone completely smoke free in the absence of government intervention.

[Update 2/13/05: Good work, chaps and chapesses! As of this writing at 11:12 pm, the good guys are up 51%-49%. Will and Radley’s vastly larger readerships may have had something to do with it as well.]