Think Factory

I read in The Houston Chronicle this week that our city’s northside has its own kind of cafe-philo. It’s called the Think Factory, it’s run by a local philosophy professor, meets once a week, and gets attendance of about twenty people. Sounds pretty good, but I doubt I’ll be in town long enough to check it out. Their website is here; the Chronicle story is here.


Cafe-philo is back in Nashville

Courtesy of Chad Wilcox, cafe-philo is getting started once again in Nashville. The time and place will still be Wednesday nights from 9-11 at the venerable J-J’s Market and Cafe. However, with so many of the old group having graduated and moved on to bigger and better things (or not), gatherings will now be held the first Wednesday of every month instead of the first Wednesday of every week.

The first philo of the year will take place September 1. Email Chad if you want to be added to the listserve. Needless to say, I wish I could be there.

[Chad also referred to this revival in his email as the “New-And-Improved Philo,” but I won’t take it personally!]


Final Philo

Tomorrow night, three and a half years of cafe-philo come to an end. For all of that time (4 years if you count our predecessor Phat Tuesday) this group has been meeting over coffee for conversation and repartee. Next week most of the group graduates, likely making this the last of the weekly meetings.

So if you’re a cafe-philo regular, if you’ve come once or twice, or if you’ve so much as thought about coming, be at J-J’s tomorrow night from 9:00 to 11:00. Celebratory drinks at Blackstone likely to follow.


Back to Café-Philo

Some sad news this week for Nashville’s coffee scene: Joe’s Bean Central on West End has closed its doors. Bean Central was the first Net cafe in Nashville and the home of café-philo for the past year. Adam reports that Joe is focusing instead on the roasting side of his business. You can purchase his coffee here; I recommend the Ethiopian Yrgacheffe.

The first café-philo of 2004 will be held tomorrow night at 9:00 at J-J’s. After that we will probably go back to our old rotation of J-J’s and Fido unless we find another permanent home. If you’re in town, come check it out. To receive a weekly email announcing café-philo’s time and location, sign up here.


Cafe-philo D. C.

In Nashville cafe-philo is still going on, but I am here in D. C. and missing out. So, this Thursday night there’s a new cafe-philo meeting for the first time in Arlington. Looks to be a good group and I love the coffee house we’ll be at.

It starts Thursday at 8:00 pm at Common Grounds in Arlington, 3211 Wilson Blvd., just a block from the Clarendon Metro. To be added to the e-mail list click here.