Links for 7/6/10

Big Government gives, Big Government takes

I’d like you to meet my…?

An introduction to the Greenfield, MA police department

The not-so-white Tea Party

Henley on “positive punishment”

Smoking is never good, but sometimes it’s not so bad

Portland’s most underhyped beer destinations

Links for 7/2/10

High-performance boilers are the next big thing in coffee

Whatever happened to Gallagher?

Friedersdorf gets a column at Forbes

Clegg’s remarkable website

How your soda tracks your movements

According to this site, I have a lost brother named Theodore

Catalog Living

Links for 7/1/10

New Examiner post: Free to consume

“I am not going to pretend a faith I don’t feel”

Hillsdale remains an indy college, unsullied by government funds

Missouri becomes the “Don’t Show Me” state

Best wishes to Christopher Hitchens

The kopstootje comes to San Francisco

Is tequila the new vodka?

Links for 6/29/10

“Why is your home so safe that it doesn’t need that level of oversight and control?”

Homeopathy is dangerous to your health

Pediatrics is beyond parody

Yglesias on market rate parking

A good earmark?

Will the EU outlaw the dozen?

Nice gray card!

Links for 7/28/10

“Wow, what a long engagement that was!”

A very brief interview with Harper Lee

The Supreme Court loses its most technophilic justice

A Second Amendment victory, but why not the Privileges or Immunities Clause?

George Will’s questions for Kagan

The War is Making You Poor Act

“My lament will terrify even the stars.”

How government profits off tobacco

Six bars with great views

Linke for 6/28/10

36th Guantanamo detainee found wrongfully detained

Congress shall make no law…

Blogging is the new magazine journalism

Kling on FinReg

How Franklin and Marshall found fame in France

Starbucks gets into the alcohol biz

A pool I’d like to swim in

Links for 6/25/10

“In New York City, the government will be making more than 20 times as much on each pack of cigarettes as the tobacco companies do”

Why should the NYT op/ed page pay writers?

“One should never ever, ever, ever imbibe in the presence of a reporter during the course of a profile!”

Kombucha producers, beware the TTB!

How to eat well in Berlin

Cartoons rejected by The New Yorker

Vid: Clint Webb for Senate

Links for 6/24/10

How FIFA botched South Africa’s World Cup

DC Comics goes digital

E-cigs morph into e-joints

What makes humans unique

A sad day for happy meals

Lumens are the new watts

Links for 6/23/10

Rule of law demands immigration reform

How airplanes create mysterious hole-punch clouds

Contra Epstein, how not to fix soccer

FP’s 2010 Rubber Duckies awards

Why your ironing board is too expensive

Words that don’t belong together: “traditional,” “Lobsterita,” “24 fl oz”

Vid: Smokers kill puppies!

Links for 6/22/10

Excellent blog Positive Liberty reborn as The One Best Way

Getting salt science backward

Epstein reforms soccer

What cartoon food branding really accomplishes

Elitist foodies protest candy bars on the Amazon

Not enough deaths to go around

Anachronistic technology ads

Deep-fried tarantulas new craze in Cambodia

Links for 6/21/10

“… if you want to find utopia, take a sharp right on money and a sharp left on sex and it’s straight ahead.”

Life without possibility of redemption

Facebook founder faces death sentence for blasphemy

Alcohol regulations get kombucha pulled from shelves

A brief introduction to Hayek

CO town bans cyclists

Commodity coffee prices leap upwards

Goodbye to the office

Links for 6/18/10

The end of free checking

HCR’s vanity tax

Thirdhand smoke scare returns to support banning smoking in the home

MI bars losing customers under smoking ban

Costco pushes liquor privatization

Alcohol under the microscope

Speaking as an interdisciplinary major, this sounds about right

Links for 6/17/10

Cell phone cancer scare refuses to die

Epstein on why BP should face full liability

Scott Adams on why you should invest in them anyway

Profile of an American diner obsessive

Lithwick reviews The Beauty Bias

Zeus disapproves of Touchdown Jesus

Comic Sans defends himself

Vid: Jon Stewart skewers Obama’s civil liberties record

Links for 6/16/10

The parable of Prohibition

18 awesome Batman panels

Yunus meets De Soto

Mandatory minimum abuse in NV

NYC regulators shut down grassroots market

Slurping genever makes the NYT

Churchill’s cigar gets airbrushed from history

The perfect Portland fashion accessory

Links for 6/15/10

Sam Adams hits the margin for craft brewery taxes

Unprincipled compromises for campaign finance

Higher home prices due to mandatory sprinklers

Gaza blockade vs. private enterprise

Tweeting from a wedding

Death by ramen

Ditko draws Superman

Links for 6/14/10

Regulatory takings case heads to the 9th Circuit

More asinine prudery from Apple

More FDA overreach

Afghanistan’s coming natural resource curse

New NYC reg could put food trucks out of business

Dangerous novels for aspiring writers

How rich is rich enough?

Oregon drunks are the best drunks

Links for 6/11/10

Immigration and intellectual laziness

FDA tobacco committee faces ethics questions

A bipartisan effort to ban prepaid cell phones

WSJ reviews Medium Raw

A modest proposal from Don Boudreaux

Piles and piles

State-by-state guide to raw milk laws