Links for 7/30/10

McGee on the science of cocktails

Former San Jose police chief says it’s time to legalize pot

Hamas bans hookah smoking… but only for women

On the opacity of WikiLeaks

Kevin Smith writes the worst Batman comic ever

A mussel bar I’d like to visit

Links for 7/29/10

Our big government war on terror

Administration seeks more private data without judicial oversight

Does friendship do a body good?

The not-so-scammy interhcange fee scam

FDA rules on cigars coming soon

Manual camera basics for food photos

Elizabeth Markham and Peter Gugni introduce Defaced bartender tools

Links for 7/28/10

Genever and aquavit bar comes to NYC

Kepler probe already finding a wealth of new planets

A liberaltarian reader

A Slate debate on raw milk

Early history of obscenicons

A completely non-kosher restaurant

Links for 7/27/10

How smart are octopuses?

How health care reform will make life hell for freelancers

Even the government admits moderate alcohol consumption is good for you

Vanderbilt goes smokefree

NYC protectionists ban short-term apartment rentals

Rebuttal to anti-privatization OLCC op/ed

Tales of the Cocktail through the eyes and liver of a drinks writer

Winners of the 2010 Spirited Awards

Record-setting star found

Links for 7/25/10

The end of forgetting online

Stand-up paddle surfing the “fitness rage of the summer”

Preview of the new Hoover bridge

A tough time for indie restaurants

Raw food raid in LA

A perfect coffee menu

13 well-timed wildlife shots

Links for 7/22/10

Britain’s budget cutter

Taking photos in public places is not a crime

Conservative media bias in action

McArdle on why it’s time to end tenure

Interview with Richard Fink of the Koch Foundation

Why to follow strangers on Twitter

How to make a mozzarella balloon

Links for 7/21/10

When nudging isn’t enough

Al Qaeda: Clowns or killers?

How to talk liberaltarian

Is HCR a new tax? Depends on where you ask

Good news, Muslims: Coffee shit out by civet cats is officially halal

The value of a bartender

Aquaman has had it with you

Links for 7/20/10

Life as an internet image screener

The heartbreak of a mother’s smoking

Why taxing gasoline is better than subsidizing biofuels

Number of birds killed by…

Top Secret America

How to smoke a cocktail

Vintage photos from Consumer Reports

Links for 7/19/10

The story of pink

The “frivolous” Commerce Clause challenge

Why I changed my mind about same-sex marriage

Sleep debt is hard to overcome

Why British pubs are demanding higher alcohol prices

10 new cocktail bars to visit

Links for 7/16/10

Interview with a caffeine expert

In 2010, the US still charges people with obscenity

It’s nice when blue laws are the least of your worries

Siegel on the uselessness of regulating cigarette additives

Education and creativity

“Extraversion correlated with ‘drinks’ and negatively correlated with ‘computer'”

Links for 7/15/10

Rise of the jumper colon

The myth of sudden acceleration incidents

Progressives, libertarians, and deontology

New Zealand no longer a secular state

Congress spends $1 million per year on sexual harassment settlements

Denville, NJ law would imprison violators of outdoor smoking ban

Want to enjoy a culebra? You’ll need two friends

Links for 7/14/10

Your cell phone isn’t going to kill you

The trilemma of international finance

A brief sketch of the two-party system

Battle of the orange liqueurs

French cuisine revamps its image

Coffee as chocolate

Kansas City bar shut down for skirting smoking ban

Links for 7/12/10

Discovery of King Arthur’s Round Table?

Posterous takes on WordPress

Despite court ruling, Oregon cops may still arrest you for recording them

… or for sharing your homebrew

A useful transit measure: Pints per mile

Killing government agencies is always hard to do

Economics of the Mai Tai

Links for 7/12/10

Love in the time of cryonics

Metro map of the Milky Way

We need a derisive label for anti-immigrant prejudice

Is Rand Paul a young-Earth creationist?

Locavores gone wild!

Steve Martin’s tour rider

Mel Gibson captions Ziggy

Links for 7/9/10

Public choice and the World Cup

“Street gangs will lose a source of revenue, and the state of California will gain one”

Love in the age of PUAs

Russian art curators face jail for offending Orthodox church

Me-Fites doing it wrong

A glorious day for the Cato Institute

Links for 7/8/10

What’s so scary about GM foods?

Coca-Cola or milk?

“Ermordet in Auschwitz”

The education debacle of the decade

WaPo bias on Citizens United

How to shoot cocktails in the wild

Six things we get wrong about history

Lolcats of the 1800s

The killer in the pool

Helmet laws a mixed blessing

Why Illinois casinos aren’t making more money

In Iran, 99 lashes and stoning for adultery

You can marry, but you can’t buy a Coke

Vid: The Best political ad ever

Vid: Spider crab molting