Back to Café-Philo

Some sad news this week for Nashville’s coffee scene: Joe’s Bean Central on West End has closed its doors. Bean Central was the first Net cafe in Nashville and the home of café-philo for the past year. Adam reports that Joe is focusing instead on the roasting side of his business. You can purchase his coffee here; I recommend the Ethiopian Yrgacheffe.

The first café-philo of 2004 will be held tomorrow night at 9:00 at J-J’s. After that we will probably go back to our old rotation of J-J’s and Fido unless we find another permanent home. If you’re in town, come check it out. To receive a weekly email announcing café-philo’s time and location, sign up here.


3 thoughts on “Back to Café-Philo”

  1. several people got to meet the great Taco Boy in person at Philo tonight. I’m still unsure how to take the many assumed identities of Taco Boy. That was pure gold as I sat there as people tried to guess Taco Boy’s real identity!

  2. I wish we’d been able to kick-start Cafe Philo in DC. If anyone’s interested let me know.
    If not, I can wait till Jacob opens his own coffee shop.

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