Live from J-J’s Market and Cafe

After a 12+ hour drive from Houston to Nashville, most people would want a good meal and a soft bed. Me, I just wanted an Internet connection. Unfortunately, an inactive Ethernet port is just one complication that has prevented me from updating these past few days. Now Iím back at Vanderbilt, mostly settled in, and ready to recommence the weblogging.

On the upside, my new dorm room is located close enough the lobby that I can tap into the wi-fi network. At this moment Iím enjoying my first coffee shop wi-fi experience at Nashvilleís J-Jís Market and Cafť. I love having this capability.

Iím getting a lot of double takes when people see me on campus: casual hellos followed by excited surprise when it clicks that I havenít been around for a long time. Iím not keeping count of how many people thought Iíd graduated.

My response to being back at Vanderbilt is mixed. Yesterday I went out to the Lawn with Dr Pepper Man and Taco Boy for our first Aerobie tossing, which was great despite the fact that the astonishing flying ring broke and cut my arm. Less exciting are the flocks of VandyGirls.* Even off campus theyíre easy to spot and when I see them I canít help but cringe and wonder what Iím doing at this school. All in all, though, itís good to be back and I think this will be a fun (final) semester.

*The girl pictured is Claire Suddath, who is definitley not a VandyGirl but was sporting enough to play one for this Torch back page article.


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  1. The great Taco Boy would like to point out the astonishing flying ring was not-so-astonishing in the hands of Dr. Pepper Man, whose toss cut your forearm. In other news, Taco Boy will no longer hide behind a madeup email addy, but his real one! Talk to Taco Boy In semi-person! THE CHANCE OF A LIFETIME!

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