First Watchmen photos

Newsarama has the first photos of the upcoming adaptation of Alan Moore’s Watchmen. Like Moore himself, I’m too skeptical about the comic’s translation to film to get very excited by the movie, but these photos pique my interest. They do an especially good job taking Nite Owl — an unimposing superhero design if ever there was one — and making him look like someone you wouldn’t want to mess with. I hope they portray the middle-aged, flabby guy beneath the mask equally well; if he’s just another riff on Bruce Wayne, they’re going to miss the point of the character.

More background on the movie is available here.


1 thought on “First Watchmen photos”

  1. Moore seems to have an almost vitrolic level of contempt for the film adaptations of his works. I understand that they aren’t perfect recreations of his visions (and in some cases have probably been pretty crummy), but his level of disdain seems a little too strong. This has been seen with other authors too. I think everyone understands that books/graphic novels provide a much better insight than the movie adaptations of the same. But that doesn’t mean the movie adaptations are bad in and of themselves. The movie V for Vendetta wasn’t as complex or extreme as Moore’s version, but it was still an excellent and enjoyable film. Sometimes artists are a little too possessive of their visions, and a little too dismissive of other mediums.

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