Schedule at Bar Convent Berlin

I’m back in Germany for my second Bar Convent Berlin. I have a packed schedule of four classes and panels this year, with the schedule below. It would be great to see readers there! As a bit of preview, here also is an interview with Brew Berlin about my history with beer. My BCB schedule:

International Trends – The organizers of BCB asked me if I could speak on a panel about international trends in beer. “Sure,” I said. I travel a lot and visit breweries and beer events all over the world, so I felt up for this. “Great,” they said. “You’ll be on stage with Garrett Oliver.” OK, I wasn’t quite expecting that, but I’ll try to hold up my end of things. We’ll be joined as well by David Cohen, Dirk Hoplitschek, Frank Boon, and Mihaela Dimitrova. This is on Tuesday at 2:00 pm on the beer stage.

Beer & Cocktail – I’ll teach my class on how to use beer as a cocktail ingredient, covering seven different styles of beer cocktails and tasting through four of them. “When we made beer cocktails part of the show two years ago, it was a curiosity in Germany,” says BCB. “Nowadays, almost every cocktail bar worth its salt has at least one beer drink on the menu.” This class happens twice on the beer stage: First on Tuesday at 5:00 pm and then again on Wednesday at 12:30 pm.

Akquawhat? – My responsibilities at this year’s BCB will wrap up with this guided tasting through various world styles of aquavit, covering Scandinavia, Germany, and the United States. This runs on Wednesday at 4:00 pm at Taste Forum B.