Not a sex symbol (yet)

Tallying up the web stats for in 2003 reveals the following numbers. People came to my website via these search phrases, among many others:

“jacob grier” — 67
“sabine herold” — 34

I suppose it’s encouraging that on my own website more people came looking for me than for the glamourous French libertarian, but then there’s this comparison:

“sabine herold picture” — 27
“sabine herold photos” — 12
“sabine herold photo” — 1
“jacob grier picture” — 0
“jacob grier photos” — 0
“jacob grier photo” — 0

Am I not also worthy of objectification? Must every visitor to my weblog come to read and not to look? Am I doomed by gender stereotypes to be judged always by my mind and never by superficial appearances? Damn it, is there no justice in the world?!

If this situation doesn’t improve, I may just have to pose in a Vanderbilt Torch thong.
Torch thong
And I know we don’t want that to happen.


6 thoughts on “Not a sex symbol (yet)”

  1. Noooooooo! Is there nothing good and decent left in the world? NOT seeing Jacob Grier in a thong was one of the fundamental freedoms our nation was founded upon.

  2. Ben, what are they teaching you at Duke Law? You’ve got the history completely backwards. The 9th Amendment was clearly written with thong modeling in mind. Even Thomas Jefferson is known to have remarked, “It does me no injury to see Jacob Grier in a thong. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.”

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