Tasty events at National Geographic

National Geographic’s Live! series has some enticing food events coming up this spring in DC. First up, on April 2, is the Grand Sushi and Sake night, featuring sushi, sake, and Japanese beers. Preceding the event will be a speech by author Trevor Corson, whose lobster slaying skills have been previously mentioned on this blog.

Next is the Master Cheesemonger’s Favorites on April 30, hosted by Steven Jenkins, author of the extremely useful Cheese Primer. In addition to rare cheeses, Best Cellars co-founder Joshua Wesson will provide a selection of wines.

Finally, on May 8, Brooklyn brewmaster Garrett Oliver brings in beers from the Italian Beer Renaissance. I’m a big fan of his guide to beer, The Brewmaster’s Table, and had a fantastic time at his tasting of twelve bottle-fermented ales last year. It’s sure to be a worthwhile night for beer lovers, and if it’s anything like last year’s, still a great deal at $75.


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