Pushing spherification

The New York Times reports that Remy Cointreau is pushing a kit to New York bars that will allow them to use the technique of spherification to make little balls of Cointreau caviar. I’m not all that interested in the kit, but I would buy the Pearl Former that comes with it in a heartbeat:

“They’ve created this crazy dispenser that looks like an oregano dispenser at a pizza parlor, but it’s got heavy glass and a metal top that screws on,” said Dale DeGroff, the cocktail educator and consultant, who is working with Rémy Cointreau on the project. “You turn it upside down and shake it and out comes this stuff, and as soon as it hits the calcium bath it turns into these little gold globules.”

The dispenser lets a bartender form enough orbs to garnish 10 cocktails in a matter of minutes, Mr. DeGroff said.

Spherification isn’t something I’ll be breaking out at Open City anytime soon, but with a device like that I’d be more tempted to try it at home. Hell, I’m tempted anyway. It’s only a matter of time before I give in and buy the chemicals.

Elsewhere: David Barzelay got me interested in trying out spherification with this EatFoo post.


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