Smokers are just acting cool

Sadly, this loophole probably isn’t going to last, but I have to give major props to the Minnesota bars holding “theater nights” this weekend to get around the new state smoking ban. By dubbing patrons “actors,” they’re able to able to use a portion of the law allowing smoking in theatrical productions. 50-100 bars are expected to get in on the idea this weekend, after seeing attendance go way up at the bars that have tried it already.


2 thoughts on “Smokers are just acting cool”

  1. But attendance can’t possibly be going up, Jacob. That would mean the smoking ban suppressed attendance, and we know that’s not true because the law’s sponsors told us it wouldn’t do that.

    I predict these theater nights will result in DECREASED attendance as all of those non-smokers who have only now started going out to bars start staying home again.

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