Big Food, Big Tobacco, Big… Email?

Good gravy, what will the nanny statists think of next?

Should Blackberries and other potentially addictive devices come with a health warning? It’s an idea floated by UK researchers studying technology addiction…

[Researcher Nada Kakabadse says that] “companies offer technologies like PDAs and Blackberies and just expect people to learn how to use them. They don’t consider the possible negative sides. New technology gives a feeling of having more control, but it may be only a feeling.

We don’t want to be in a situation in a few years similar to that with fast food or tobacco today. We need to pay attention to how people react to potentially habit-forming technologies and respond with appropriate education and policies.”

New Scientist reporter Tom Simonite goes right along with her, concluding that “pressure from outside agencies like governments could be the only way to save us from an addiction epidemic.” What next, banning those sexy iPhone ads?


2 thoughts on “Big Food, Big Tobacco, Big… Email?”

  1. What if, instead of a Nanny State, we had more of a Babysitter State? It costs a lot less, and sometimes it lets you play video games that Mom State and Dad State don’t like you playing. Downside: Sometimes it spends all its time on the phone talking to Boyfriend State.

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