Nucleus Shrugged

From Greg Bear’s introduction to “Blood Music” in The Collected Stories of Greg Bear:

“Cells are self-making and self-regulating in ways we never imagined only a few decades ago. In other words, our cells are intelligent, in their way, and sometimes even break loose from their slavery and assert their individuality.

“We call such things tumors.

“I wonder — do tumor cells read the genetic equivalent of Ayn Rand?”

I’ve read the passage several times this morning and I’m still not sure if this is a compliment to Rand for the liberating force of her novels or a shot at the social skills of some Objectivists. Maybe it’s both.


3 thoughts on “Nucleus Shrugged”

  1. Yet another well-designed blog that I have come across for the first time today! Darn… As I’ve commented at a couple of other blogs today, I’ve been to so many blogs since I started my own, but it seems that there are still many popular ones that I haven’t yet found. I haven’t yet had a chance to look around here, and I don’t know what your blog is like, and what your viewpoints and politics are… I’m thinking it might be libertarian, since I followed a blogroll link from the OberNews over here. Brooke’s blog was one of several libertarian blogs that I visited for what I think was the first time today (it’s hard to be totally sure, since I’ve been to so many blogs), and I left comments at them. I want to leave a comment here as well, to let you know about my blog; it’s been running for over a year now… I think that several libertarian bloggers and writers have been to it; I’m a tradtionalist conservative, not a libertarian, but I do concur with them on some issues. It will be interesting to see what your political viewpoint is. Anyway, it was nice to come across your site, and keep up the good work! Thanks!

  2. Thanks, Aakash. My politics do tend to run libertarian, as you’ll see if you come back here often. My Internet connection is a little sketchy right now, but I’ll check out your site when I get it fixed.

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