Links for 1/28/08 PM

The Chairman speaks: Why the stimulus will fail

Maryland smokers enjoy last week of freedom

“Harford is one of life’s nice guys, so it is a bit of a shock to open the new book and go straight into oral sex…”

Saving the wrong homes?

DC drinkers, act now for specials at Corduroy

Magicians, remember not to really use your head choppers

Duncan Rouleau talks about his Metal Men

Screw it, just give me a Yuengling


  1. […] Bonus beer link: Too expensive, and presumably delicious (such high octane brews are illegal in Bama), to be wasted on the SOTU drinking game, but I would love to try Sam Adam’s “extreme brew” Utopias. Update: If you think Utopias is expensive, read this. Via Jacob. […]

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