I’d also like to meet Beija

Mike at the newly revamped Days That End in Y writes about his sampling of Beija, a new high-end cachaca just introduced in Boston. Cachaca, a Brazilian spirit distilled from sugar cane, is underutilized in the US, and mass market brands are pretty harsh. Beija is the first “virgin” designated cachaca and is made only from the first press of sugar cane. Mike says it tastes fantastic. I just hope it makes its way to Virginia or DC in time for summer caipirinhas.


2 thoughts on “I’d also like to meet Beija”

  1. Even the cachaca you get directly from Brazil is pretty harsh. I’ve tried some, and it tastes… well… weird. My rabbi (whose wife is Brazilian) made me a drink with it and it came out pretty good, though I have no idea what went into it…

  2. I’m sure it depends on the kind you get. We have an intern from Brazil this semester who let me try some of the bottle he brought with him. It was pretty nice.

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