As of today, I am no longer an intern and once again an unemployed college student. I celebrated with a great send off with the guys from my department at Capitol City Brewery, where 2 strong drinks and a shot of Old Grand Dad bourbon hit me hard enough that “I almost falled down.” (You can see that my coworkers have considerably worn down my asceticism these past 2 weeks.)

I’ll probably write more of my D. C. experience later, but as of now I still have a week to go here. On the 23rd I’ll head down to NC, spend the 26-27th driving to Houston via Nashville, and then by the Jan 10 I’ll return to Fido coffee shop, frisbee on the Lawn, and late night queso at Vanderbilt.


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  1. Unemployed! Well, after graduation, I’m sure you’ll have a job on Wall Street waiting for you, right? As you know, 99% of all philosophy and history majors end up working in financial services..hehe.

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