Bud responds

Pat Lynch, the Budweiser representative in Birmingham, has responded to Free the Hops’ call for a boycott on his products. In his defense, he notes that he does support a statewide bill lifting ABV limits, and only opposes local changes in the law. Seems like a weak excuse, but ok. But then he says this:

Lynch said he continues to support a statewide bill raising the ABV limit. He said he might still be willing to discuss that and perhaps a local bill with FTH, but that the call for a boycott wouldn’t help.

“A boycott’s not going to endear me into negotiations,” he said.

People shouldn’t have to endear themselves to the local Bud rep for the right to drink beer that doesn’t suck.


4 thoughts on “Bud responds”

  1. The problem with a boycott on Budweiser is that it seems people who actually care about their beer wouldn’t be drinking Budweiser anyway. So I (like you) will continue to not drink Bud and have absolutely no affect on their bottom line.

  2. Pretty much. It’s pretty much the same as staging a protest against PBR or Natty Light.

    It still dazzles that states even have a limit on the ABV content of beer, let alone that we’re wasting legislatures’ time with it.

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