Boycott Budweiser?

Don’t mind if I do! I’ve been “boycotting” Bud products for as long as I’ve been drinking beer, but Tom Pearson reports that there’s a reason besides taste to do so: In Birmingham, the local distributor is actively opposing legislation that would lift the state’s ban on beers that are high in alcohol or served in bottles larger than a pint — in other words, lots of really, really good beers.

Just brewing Budweiser is crime enough, but actively preventing Alabamans from having the option of something better is even worse. I feel your pain, Tom. Luckily I can soothe mine with a big bottle of Allagash. I’ll be thinking of you.

Get the details at Free the Hops.


4 thoughts on “Boycott Budweiser?”

  1. Go ahead and boycott that leaves more for real beer drinkers like me. The most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. Get a life and do something that really matters to the world.

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