Today my first non-pseudonymous article of the semester in The Slant comes out. See “Computer science student invents Friendster spin-off” for the satirical history of Sexter,* the latest social networking website. (My apologies to VCS and Tolman, and to non-Vandy people who miss some of the jokes.)

Also in this issue, Robert Saunders continues the tech/sex theme with “Camera phones revolutionize phone sex,” Ceaf Lewis reports on Howard Dean’s outdated foreign policy, Andrew Banecker covers the unsuccessful Middle West peace talks, and Mrs. Claus answers readers’ questions. See the full issue right here.

* does exist. Not surprisingly, it’s a porn site.


5 thoughts on “Sexter”

  1. The Slant’s back up! Praise Jesus, Hallelujah, and stuff like that!
    And Jacob I shall have you know that even at my most drunk (that one time when I actually had an alcoholic drink. I think I felt a buzz, but it might have been the fact that there was too much sugar in the daqueri (sp?) after I returned it b/c there was too much alcohol in it the first time)…anyways. Even at my most drunk, I NEVER posed for a Charlie’s Angels-style photo with rubber bands. I would at least make it more of a James Bond-type thing.

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