Repeal Day link fest

Repeal Day is hitting it big on the internet this year. Here’s a collection of links:

First up, I’ve been remiss in not yet linking to Dewar’s promotional site. It’s pretty awesome.

Jeffrey Morgenthaler is celebrating in NYC courtesy of Dewar’s. Well done!

My colleague Brandon Arnold is in the Baltimore Examiner with a piece about the regulatory burdens that still afflict alcohol markets and appears in the Cato Daily Podcast “Free to Booze.”

At Cafe Hayek, Don Boudreaux offers a public choice perspective on why Prohibition was repealed.

My own Repeal Day manifesto makes the case for celebration.

Paul at Cocktail Chronicles explains how Carrie Nation is responsible for the alco-pop.

Pint Pundit Pearson offers up some links.

With impeccable timing, The New York Times examines the regulatory hurdles to getting new absinthe approved.

At Hit & Run, Katherine Mangu-Ward considers a world without repeal.

Update 12/5/07: How could I forget to mention our own Repeal Day party? 6:30 tonight at Ragtime in Arlington. Details here, all are welcome.

David Harsanyi writes about the return of Prohibition in Reason.

At A Dash of Bitters (makes everything better!), Michael Dietsch asks us to take a look at groups who seek to stigmatize social drinking.

DCist recommends a few places to drink in DC.