DC cart watch: On the Fly tacos

A few months ago I wrote about how the DC government has finally lifted restrictions on new food cart licenses, opening up competition and bringing in newcomers who can do better than steamy hot dogs. The newest addition is On the Fly, a Latin cart located at 8th and H NW.

I’d been craving tacos this week, so I stopped in for one each of pork and chicken. The pork was tasty, but the chicken estofado seasoned with apples, cinnamon, chiles, and thyme was the real standout. Company chef Jordan Lichman comes from the Inn at Little Washington, so it’s no surprise that these tacos are cut above the rest. It’s really good food and a fantastic value at just $2 a piece.

Aside from taking street food to a higher level, On the Fly’s other goal is to do it sustainably. The food is served out of electric smart carts, seling local products when possible, avoiding foil, and using compostable corn bags made from corn starch instead of plastic. This has its downsides, including less insulation when you’re carrying your hot tacos down the street on a wintry day, but it’s a noble effort.

Lots more carts are on the way, including a barbecue cart serving Rocklands and an Asian cart partnered with Teaism.

Update 12/11/07: Went back today for more great tacos and saw that they’re still tinkering with the packaging, coming up with better ways to insulate the food. Still delicious!

Thanks for the shawarma tip, anon, I’ll check it out. Why so anonymous? The love between a man and halal meats is nothing to be ashamed of.


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  1. Upscale food carts run by chefs of five-star restaurants – Washington is becoming more Washington-y by the second…

  2. Perhaps we should look more into the Australian Mobile Vending Unit (MVU) Cart down by the federal building. They are beautiful and the Washington BID has not been able to get thru the red tape to replace the substandard carts that already exist. They were going to replace ten blocks and place MVU’s on throughout the streets giving DC a whole new look.Go to http://www.mvu.com.au for a peek. They are absolutely gorgeous, hygienic and stainless and aluminum are completely recyclable.

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