Eating Mr. Ed update

Last year I wrote an entry arguing against a proposed ban on selling horses for slaughter. That bill is still gaining traction and was recently critiqued by Ken Silverstein at Harper’s:

Most horses sent to slaughter are past their prime and unwanted by the farmers or ranchers who own them. Patricia Evans, of Utah State University’s Animal, Dairy, and Veterinary Sciences Department, says that more horses are being abandoned now that domestic slaughterhouses have been closed. The advocates “predicted that shutting down domestic slaughterhouses wouldn’t increase neglect and abuse, but we’re in the real world,” she said. “Unfortunately, kids get abused and so do animals.”

But on the other hand there’s this, my favorite comment ever on this blog:

How can you say things about wanting to try horses? they were at one stage the only method of transport. I am only 13 but i love the idea of a talking horse. i think it should be illegal to eat animals other than cows, pigs, and chicken.but politicians say”hey shes only a kid and only being 13 she wouldn’t know what we want.” it outrages me to think of a poor horse or pony being eaten, but as i said before. inm only a kid and many people dont agree with what i say. i love my horse as much as i love my mother but even when she kicked me and almost broke my nose i still love her. you are all stupid and dont know what you want. i am so angry right now i cant even type properly.

[Hat tip: Jesse Walker.]