Eternal Recurrence…

… is no more! Though with a finite number of desirable blog names and an infinite amount of time in which to use them, it will inevitably return.

In the meantime I’ve decided to remake the banner into something that better describes the content of the site. Eternal Recurrence seemed like a good name when I started writing in 2003, but no longer reflects much about what I’m doing here now. Obscure philosophy references out, SEO in.


8 thoughts on “Eternal Recurrence…”

  1. Ha, coward.

    You should stick with the obscure name you picked a long time ago that no longer has any relevance to the content of your website… like me.

    SEO be damned!

  2. RD,

    I know, I feel like such a sell out! But I’ll also be glad if people aren’t linking in with the totally non-descriptive name or leaving the site after reading one entry because they have no idea at all what it’s about. Now if I’d only put half the energy into writing good content that I do into tweaking the layout, I might actually get a larger readership.

    Jason, Eternal Recurrence is still my nickname in the bedroom, because I can always… oh never mind.

  3. The new header looks nice. For SEO you’ll want to put the keywords your hoping to attract traffic for in the title of your page.

  4. I should have been more explicit in my last comment… I meant the title tag as in . This is by far the most important location for keywords… next comes h1/h2 tags, text, and number/qualilty of links to your page(s) (both internal and external) plus the keywords in those links… ok enough of my SEO soapbox’ing.

  5. Thanks, Jon, I’ve been thinking about doing that. The only thing that’s been stopping me is concern that having too much in the title would deter people from clicking on the link within search results, but you are probably right that it’s the optimal thing to do.

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