Ufology tips for the candidates

You’ve probably heard by now about Dennis Kucinich’s odd debate moment regarding his UFO siting. He is, however, in surprisingly good company:

When Chris Matthews, in a post-debate interview on MSNBC, asked Richardson what he thought of Kucinich’s response to the UFO question, Richardson smiled, giggled a little and explained that as governor of a state that depends on the UFO-enthralled tourist dollar, he was not in a position to criticize. (Though, he hastened to add, he has never personally seen a UFO.) He also said it was time for the government to “come clean” on the Roswell matter…

According to numerous media accounts, when Jimmy Carter was governor of Georgia in 1973, he filed a report with the International UFO Bureau in Oklahoma City claiming that he’d seen an unidentified glowing object four years earlier in Leary, Ga. He said later that he did not believe the object to be an alien craft, and some “ufologists,” as specialists call themselves, think he saw a halo around the planet Venus.

Ronald Reagan believed he had seen UFOs at least twice — once on the coast while driving to Hollywood with his wife, Nancy, and once, as governor of California, while flying on a plane near Bakersfield. In “Landslide,” their 1988 book about Reagan’s second term, journalists Doyle McManus, The Times’ Washington bureau chief, and Jane Mayer, now of the New Yorker, wrote that Reagan’s staff worked hard to keep the UFO sighting stories under wraps.

Kucinich is careful to stress the “unidentified” part of unidentified flying object, distancing himself from the appearance of belief in extraterrestrial visitors. As a service to him and any other presidential candidates with their eyes on the skies, I suggest carrying around my elementary school list of things that might be mistaken for UFOs.

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