Even the immigrant?

Though there’s much to object to in Sam Brownback’s Washington Post op/ed today, this paragraph stands out:

The pro-life and whole-life message does not stop with abortion. It embraces the child in Darfur, the woman struggling in poverty, the child born with Down syndrome, the man in prison and even the immigrant.

I don’t want to read too much into this, but it does seem a sad commentary on the party that in an appeal to his fellow Republicans Brownback seems to think showing compassion toward immigrants would strike them as more farfetched than caring about convicts.


3 thoughts on “Even the immigrant?”

  1. While Brownback is a d-bag of the highest order, at least he’s mostly consistent on the pro-life thing, i.e., he opposes abortion and the death penalty. Granted, there’s a caveat attached to the letter in his op-ed, but it’s better than being gung-ho about it, like the folks in the great state of Texas.

  2. I was going to say that, based on the Republican rhetoric over the last few years, I assumed he meant ILLEGAL immigrant. Inserting ‘illegal’ makes his statement marginally less awful. But upon reading the entire missive, it does indeed appear that he’s talking about immigrants of all types, illegal or non. The Republican party is in trouble. When did they get so off the track?

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