John Cusack says anything

My old coworkers used to make fun of me for never having seen a John Cusack movie, just one data point in my cinematic cultural illiteracy. But according to this interviewer, Cusack himself doesn’t find his movies worth talking about, so maybe I’m not missing anything after all. What Cusack does want to rant on is the war in Iraq and the Cato Institute:

“Do you think all these people work at the Cato Institute?” he continues. “No. Even the people who work at these places, I’ve met them. They don’t have any monopoly or insight into anything. Where does their intellectual or moral clout come from? Nowhere. The guy’s talking in front of a camera, reading from a teleprompter, bitching at people. I know enough to be intimidated by serious men and women, but I won’t be cowed by people like that.”

Three questions. Does Cusack actually think Cato is pro-war? Has he ever looked at the institute’s website? And where do we hide the teleprompters?

Tom Firey and Michael Cannon respond at the Cato blog.