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I liked Ron Paul when he was underground

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Update: And remember, make him even less underground by donating here.

And here he is with Tucker Carlson, who calls his campaign “formerly quixotic.” Nice:


  1. Alex Merced says:

    I’m usally one of those guy who’d be all about I miss the underground days. THis is one thing I’m happy to see become mainstream. I’m hoping to see the momentum continue.

    ThisNewYearsDay – A Ron Paul Fundraiser

  2. Mike says:

    Not really related, I suppose, but I watched the old independent film hallmark “Slacker” last night and was amused to see in the background at one point a banner proclaiming “Ron Paul: Libertarian for President”.

    Meanwhile, I find it amusing that most of my co-workers can’t understand how someone (i.e. me) can simultaneously think Ron Paul is a total nutbar and support his candidacy. To me it’s pretty self-evident.


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