Fluid priorities

I moved into my new apartment in August. Stats for my current kitchen:

9 varieties of beer glass
5 corkscrews
5 coffee brewers
4 cocktail shakers
2 citrus zesters
2 muddlers
1 bitters-and-rum blowtorch

In contrast:

2 pots/pans
1 pot/pan that I’ve actually used

God damn. I’m 25. I should know how to handle solid foods by now.

Anyway, researching my options and coming across this column by Mark Morford about choosing the right cookware was like stepping into my own indecisive head.


3 thoughts on “Fluid priorities”

  1. Funny column.

    But he’s right. Sets can’t possibly satisfy all of your potential cooking needs.

    My pots/pans include, for almost every type of pan, one with a stainless steel surface, and one with a nonstick surface. I use the stainless (or in some cast, cast iron) when I want things to stick, in order to promote browning and/or create fond for pan sauces. I use the nonstick when I don’t want things to stick, i.e. sauteing pecan-encrusted fish. I’m very happy with my pot and pan options. Oh, and Anolon’s anodized aluminum is actually really great. Now, if only I had a decent stove. I have:

    * All-Clad Emerilware (their low-end line) 10″ stainless steel frying pan

    1 Calphalon One 12″ stainless steel saute pan

    1 Simply Calphalon 10″ nonstick saute pan

    1 Anolon 10″ nonstick frying pan

    1 Calphalon One 12″ anodized aluminum square griddle

    1 Le Creuset 12″ cast iron dutch oven

    1 10″ Lodge cast iron frying pan

    1 set of All-Clad Emerilware stainless steel pots and saucepans that I got for free using Westlaw Rewards points

  2. Ah, kitchen equipment. Whenever I think I want new things, I remind myself of this nice little list of the most important things:

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