Summer cell phone

I’m entering the 21st century now, but only for a month: I’ve started carrying a cell phone this summer, number 832-326-6593. That will last till sometime in mid-July, when the family and I become temporary Yoopers (Upper Peninsula of Michigan –> U. P. –> Yoopers = the bacon-eating inhabitants of the U. P.) and will probably not be able to get service. I’ll then get a permanent number in August and post it here.


4 thoughts on “Summer cell phone”

  1. Mmm, celebration tacos are the best kind. And beef, beef is good, too.

    TacoBoy must be Dr Pepper Man’s new sidekick from Mims 2. And now that I know their secret identities, the Gastronomic Duo will be powerless to defeat me. Powerless, I say, powerless!

  2. Ahhhh Queso Crusher… welcome to my undergound lair! Careful! that last Queso you hate contained Potassium Benzoate!! Muahahhaha! Soon Dr Pepper Man and I shall rule the world!!! Everyon will be subject to eating nothing but Taco Bell, and drinking nothing but Dr. Pepper!! Its so simple, and yet so…evil, I love it!

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