MtP ignores Ron Paul

Meet the Press this morning focused its discussion in large part on candidates’ fundraising reports. In typical fashion, the show failed to give any mention at all to the impressive $5 million raised by Ron Paul. I sent this letter in response:

Your discussion today about GOP fundraising results omitted the surprising $5 million raised by the Ron Paul campaign. Combined with the campaign’s reserves, Paul now has significantly more funding than McCain, whom you did cover.

Regardless of one’s political views, the success Paul has enjoyed mobilizing the peaceful, small government wing of the Republican party and bringing in anti-war supporters of all stripes is one of the more interesting stories to come out of the presidential race so far. You do your viewers a disservice in failing to mention it.

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4 thoughts on “MtP ignores Ron Paul”

  1. Democracy only works in tribe size group where all the power brokers are known by the people. Their motivations are known. The nature of their inter tribe allegiances are known by everyone. Cliques are present, but their machinations are not very hidden, because everyone can see the nature of the political machinery. The original colonies were small enough for this dynamic to work. Now, we have a nation so big that people have their traditions and loyalties presented by a PR machine. Cliques run the society at all levels, but their work is done in the shadows. Who knows what kind of horse trades are being made between completing forces? Compared to the stakes, the media and both parties can be bought for chump change, and traded like monopoly tokens- all in the shadows, with manufactured motives that we are not allowed to question in any public widely disseminated forum that filters politically incorrect voices. We are really a clique-ocracy. You could probably put the “players” in a small to medium sized auditorium, and very few of the man on the street types would even know their names. Hell, the man on the street does not know the name of the vice president of the US, according to a survey presented on Scott Hortons Stress blog.
    We have our gin-up glorious history presented to us in School, and we are told what our duty is, and we send our sons off to war to do their duty, without so much as a “unpatriotic” look over our shoulder at dissect the forces that have crafted this image. Actually allowing the real political power to accrue at the tribal level is a kind of regression toward the natural mean as it is now being borne out in Iraq. Maybe the US is so into this drunken stupor of being the worlds only superpower that we will never question the elites who ride the US as a donkey is ridden, and put away wet when done. That bit in our mouth is never questioned after awhile.

    We probably doomed by the outcome of the civil war, and the bitter fruit of that surrender to the band of cliques that run the nation is now being tasted. Only a few yearn for the sweet fruit of true freedom.
    Go Ron Paul. They will stop him if they have to kill him, but its noble as hell to watch him struggle against the Lobby.

    L Hickey.

  2. Unfortunately, I’m not even slightly surprised that Ron Paul was overlooked. The “main stream media” strikes again with their incredible sense of bias and slated journalism. At this point in the campaign it’s too early to crown any winners. I believe everyone from both parties deserves equal coverage at this point in the game.

  3. I was tempted to comment to MTP, but I did not want to give them the impression that I give a $h-t about their broadcast. If folks quit listening, they will disappear.

  4. If you’d begun the second paragraph with “irregardless,” rather than with “regardless,” you certainly would have been taken more seriously.

  5. Meet the Press. It is nice to see your true colors of established media. I know where you lie ignoring Ron Paul the next US President. Guess what? No one will ever watch you again. You think advertisers are pulling their ads now, just wait for bankruptcy around the corner. Sold out Retards.

    Here is another point. If anything happens to Ron Paul, we are coming after you. Count on it.

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