Global warming –> more cats

Global warming leads to more cats. That’s the claim of Pets Across America, who says warming has lengthened the feline mating season. I’m normally opposed to taking drastic action to fight climate change, but if this dubious claim is true I might have to support some massive CO2 reductions. Or perhaps we could just use the excess kitties as a source of biofuel? Whatever’s cheaper.

On a more serious note, here’s what’s new at A Better Earth:
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8 thoughts on “Global warming –> more cats”

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  2. Ok, that biofuel line was over the line, pal! Far better we use the excess bloggers and libertarians as biofuel than cats. At least cats can catch rodents and thus serve a useful purpose.

  3. Being a dog person, I find this troubling. Actually thanks for sharing this – I do some work with the Auto Alliance and its nice to read something a little lighter on this issue. There is actually a lot going on this issue in regards to CAFE, and actually the auto manufacturers are working to raise standards right now. Its a big issue that effects us all – check out if you’d like to see how its effecting where you live. No cats info, but it still worth seeing if you’re interested in learning more.

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