Dominion Power takes my job

A new commercial from Virginia’s Dominion Power:

The coffee shop scene takes place at my favorite shop and former employer, Murky Coffee. I’m not sure why an electric company with a virtual monopoly in the state needs to run ads — are people with TVs really considering living off the grid? — but I do find this amusing.


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  1. Dominion must run their feel-good ads because its part of a multi-million dollar lobbying and PR campaign to persuade Northern Virginia businesses and residential customers that anything the company proposes must be good for everyone. The TV promotions are designed to buttress support for Dominion’s proposed transmission line which is an environmental disaster. see for details.

    Meanwhile, Have you noted Dominion Power’s early morning announcement today on a new grant to Virginia Tech to research carbon sequestration?

    At first glance, it seems like just a feel-good (albeit thin) press release. But then … in 30 years of doing PR, I cannot remember ever seeking to put out a positive announcement on a Saturday.

    Was it because they wanted to avoid any scrutiny? After all, there are plenty of credible experts available … maybe not on a weekend … who will tell reporters that CO2 sequestration is becoming a discredited pipedream. It’s an idea in search of a technology looking for a practical application that may never come. But it is a good way for Dominion Power to say: “Leave us alone already. See, we can spell climate change.”

    Then again, maybe the real purpose of the release wasn’t for the news media at all. Maybe it was intended for emailing and faxing … some 70 hours before the polls open … to candidates who are growing increasingly uncomfortable with Dominion’s intransigence on environmental issues.

    We blog about this on our website today.

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