Take that outside!

And don’t smoke it there, either! Scanning the news today I came across not one but four separate articles about proposed outdoor smoking bans.

1) An Oakland city council committee has voted to ban smoking in ATM lines, ticket lines, outdoor dining areas, public trails, parks, golf courses, child care centers, hotels and bus stops. The proposal also initially prohibited smoking in newly developed apartments and condos, but in a rare showing of deference to individual liberty that measure was dropped.

2) In Vancouver, a staff report to the city council recommends banning smoking in all outdoor restaurant seating areas.

3) Quincy, MA, is considering banning smoking in the area outside city hall. Smokers who work there are naturally opposed and there’s some suggestion that the true purpose of the law would be to give police a reason to shoo away loiterers.

4) And local governments in New South Wales are contemplating bans at beaches, parks, and outdoor dining areas.

So for those of you who mocked my slippery slope argument against indoor smoking bans, I would just like to point out… I told you so.


1 thought on “Take that outside!”

  1. ATM lines, ticket lines, child care centers… I can agree with the ban. But the rest is ridiculous. Any time a non-smoker can easily move out of the way, smoking should be allowed. Well, that’s full of holes, but still. The less a non-smoker *needs* to be somewhere, the more a smoker has rights.

    My standard argument is to put bright purple dye and obnoxious odor – non-toxic, mind you – in all vehicle exhausts and then see how second-hand smoke recedes in importance. Out of sight, out of mind, though.

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