4 thoughts on “Norah Jones covers Arcade Fire”

  1. Fantastic choice of covers – one of the best off the stellar new album. Her version is really good too. I guess this means I have to have some respect for Norah Jones now.

    I’m also quite intrigued by Brand New’s choice of the 7-minute long “Oh Comely” among Neutral Milk Hotel songs. Listening to that now, and really liking it so far…

  2. I remember that Josh Claybourn used to blog about Norah Jones as well… Perhaps it’s a conservative/libertarian youth thing. 😉

    As I’ve said before, I wish that JoshClaybourn.com was still up and running. I’ve been going through my blog‘s sidebar – now that I’ve at least somewhat gotten back into the Blogosphere – and I’ve commented about how it’s depressing that so many weblogs and websites are no longer online, or have changed. This is unfortunately true for some of the sites on my blogroll. I have been going through some of them, and I resultedly just came over here. (I remember commenting here, awhile back, and you responded, and put my blog on your blogroll; it probably isn’t still up there now, because I went for awhile without blogging.)

    It is impressive how your weblog is not only still up, but is very current. It’s incredible how some of you are able to do that, even after these years. (My 5-year ‘Blogiversary’ is one week from today… But I haven’t been able to keep up with it regularly, at times.)

    I remember, from when I was here before, that you were reluctant to oppose the Iraq war, like other libertarians were doing… You were taking a wait-and-see approach. What is your current position on the war? (My blog was known as one of the few conservative sites in the Blogosphere that took a position against the Iraq war, before it began.

    Please keep up the blogging… for a long time to come. 🙂

  3. Hi Aakash,

    Thanks for the note, and welcome back to blogging. I remember you from the early days!

    You’re right that while I was never a hawk exactly, I was foolishly optimistic that a stable government might arise after the removal of Saddam. In hindsight that’s probably the most embarrassing op-ed I’ve ever written. Thanks for pointing that out 😉

    I’ve since learned to extend my skepticism of government to foreign policy, too.

    Keep on blogging!

    — Jacob

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