Fun with green marketing

Normally I’m a fan of marketing products with green benefits, but sometimes it makes no sense at all. Like with these pricey Italian food containers made of porcelain or glass and formed in the shape of disposable containers, such as paper popcorn bags and cardboard milk cartons. The site advertises them as environmentally friendly because people will reuse them, not throw them away.

This is true of all such containers! Unless people are lugging their porcelain milk cartons directly to the cow, there’s no savings in materials here. Shaping your porcelain to look like disposable stuff doesn’t cut down on disposable stuff. Do people really fall for this?

[Via BLD.]


1 thought on “Fun with green marketing”

  1. Yes. Green purchasing is, to some extent, a form of conspicuous consumption. People want to be green, but more importantly, people want others to think that they’re green. People want to be able to say “it’s for the environment” when asked about an odd purchase – such as a porcelain popcorn bag. This site’s not selling stupid food containers – it’s selling a salve for the conscience and a smidge of envirosnob appeal in the shape of a stupid food container. Vendors of traditional glass/porcelain milk jugs can’t say that.

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