Your Grand Old Party…

… not so fun anymore. Mike Huckabee’s a well-known nanny-statist, and apparently he’s also a terrible federalist. Watch him call for a national smoking ban here.

Whatever people’s motives for supporting smoking bans, I wish they would drop the pretense that they’re doing so on behalf of restaurant workers. We servers and bartenders go into the business knowing what we’re getting in to and we’re smart enough to make the decision of whether or not the compensation is worth it. We know the exposure, we can avoid it we want to. What’s the problem? This is a terrible argument that should have died long ago. Instead it’s an applause line for presidential candidates.

Want to ban smoking? Fine, do it. But quit patting yourself on the back for your concern over worker safety.

Speaking of which, I wonder if Huckabee orders pizza for his staff on the campaign trail?


4 thoughts on “Your Grand Old Party…”

  1. “Want to ban smoking? Fine, do it.”

    Okay, who the hell are you and what have you done with Jacob?

    But yeah, the people who frame this as a worker safety issue ought to be mocked.

  2. Take the I-speak-for-all-workers beam out of your own eye, dear Jacob!

    I would guess that the smoking ban proponents actually have more restaurant/bar employees on their side than not, although I have no readily Googable proof to support that. But even if NO restaurant/bar workers supported the ban, that doesn’t diminish the worker safety argument. Public safety concerns about me walking into an office and shooting up the place are not alleviated by the fact that the people I’m shooting at knew I was coming, after all.

  3. Zhubin, while you have a good point that there are likely plenty of restaurant employees who are on the side of a smoking ban, I have to believe there’s a better way to address this issue than to further alienate and isolate smokers. I don’t see why we can’t allow establishments to choose, on an individual basis, whether or not to allow smoking within their premises.

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