No soccer in Heaven

Today a question I’ve pondered for a long time was finally answered: which is more offensive to the dead, frisbees or soccer balls? Apparently it’s soccer balls that make corpses, um, roll over in their graves.

A friend and I went out for some outdoor fun on this beautiful Sunday (something I’ve missed terribly since taking up the office life this semester), keeping what we thought was a respectful distance from the Iwo Jima Memorial. A long period of Aerobie tossing passed without incident, but the moment we switched to kicking a soccer ball around an amiable park ranger informed us that ball sports were forbidden.

Perhaps the ranger was just being a little overly literal about park policy, but I’m going to take this as federal recognition that a well thrown Aerobie is indeed a spiritual thing.


1 thought on “No soccer in Heaven”

  1. All I am allowed to say is that the raven flies at midnight. My dept. forbids me to reveal any other information regarding Operation Aerobie Domination. Oh shit, I said too mu…. ACK!

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