My nearly vegetarian day

I’m a carnivorous kind of guy. I like meat in all its glorious forms, even its weird ones. I enjoy it with most meals and I’m pretty sure not a day has gone by for several years that I haven’t eaten at least a little of it. Yet last weekend in New York I realized I was having a perfectly vegetarian day: bagel and cream cheese for breakfast, pumpkin and rice for lunch, hummus and pita for dinner. I couldn’t believe it, but I’d actually gone three meatless meals in a row and was totally satisfied. Was this really happening?

baconbar.jpgBut then I remembered the chocolate. Yes, the chocolate. Between breakfast and lunch my friend and I had wandered over to the Vosges boutique with one goal in mind: obtaining the adventurous chocolatier’s new bacon bar.

Mo’s Bacon Bar,” as it’s called, is a delicious combination of rich chocolate, applewood smoked bacon, and smoked salt. Salt and chocolate can be a great pair on their own, but throwing bacon into the mix makes this a meat lover’s dream, nearly every bite accentuated by a crispy bit of tastiness.

The website is out of stock now, which is just as well considering summer shipping charges. Wait for the cooler weather or visit one of the retail stores if you want to try it out. Nice as my day of near vegetarianism was, tasting this bar made it well worth giving up.

Update 8/3/07: If you like this, don’t miss this list of other bacon-enhanced products. Via TMN.


7 thoughts on “My nearly vegetarian day”

  1. Surely you have some sort of choice as to what advertising you host, right? I don’t want a gigantic banner of Ann Coulter staring at me whenever I load your page.

  2. This gives me an idea. Lightly batter a Mo’s Bacon Bar and deep fry until golden. Dust with powdered sugar and serve with red raspberry preserves for dipping. Call the local carnival and prepare to win a trophy for the 2007 Traveling Festival Breakthrough Product of the Year. Sorry Jacob, couldn’t resist on this one!

  3. Doesn’t anyone else think that bacon and chocolate make a revolting combination? These Vosges people don’t always get it right…

  4. Vosges can miss — the white chocolate kalamata olive bar comes to mind — but this isn’t one of those times. Don’t be afraid, David. Embrace the meat.

    Kyle, that’s an excellent idea!

    Zhubin, I had a Coulter ad up? Yikes. McCain ads were bad enough. I might have to start putting some controls on these.

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