Weird products I sort of want

Made for Manhattans

According to designer Josh Owen, “The design of the Aluminum Cube Jigger evolved from an experiment to compress the six most common liquid measures used to mix alcoholic drinks, into the smallest possible dispenser. The form was inspired by traditional box-shaped, Japanese sake cups, from which sake is sipped from the corners.”

For practicality, I’m not sure this can beat the OXO mini angled measuring cups (plastic or steel). They’re smaller, cheaper, and can be used without ever touching the rim with finger or table. But still, I love the design of this thing. Maybe for the home bar?

Made for DC

These five-toed shoes promise to act as a protective second skin. I really like the idea of being re-engaged with the feel of the ground beneath one’s feet. They seem great for the outdoors, but harder to pull off in DC. I’m tempted anyway.

[Hat tips to Better Living Through Design and BoingBoing.]


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